Modern storage in your living room with AVENTOS HK-XS

Tidying up and storing in your living room is not always easy. Children’s toys create clutter, your table is full of your teen’s textbooks, and also accessories such as the remote control, pens, magazines, and the administration create a mess. Where do you leave everything? In your living room, the AVENTOS HK-XS cabinets are the […]

Time for a new wardrobe? Assemble it yourself now!

Have you been looking for a good wardrobe that meets your needs for a long time? But you still can’t find what you’re looking for? Why don’t you assemble it yourself? Assembling it yourself is not difficult at all with our DIY instructions that you can simply download through the app. This is how it […]

Everything you need to know about waterproof MDF boards

Interior builders, architects, furniture makers and DIY enthusiasts are all too happy to use MDF boards for various furniture and interior applications. And that isn’t baseless! Read all about moisture-proof MDF below. MDF board have the great advantage that you can paint, spray or varnish them with solvent or water-based paint without pretreatment. MDF (Medium […]

Buying a new kitchen? Divide your kitchen into 5 zones!

Want to make your work in the kitchen easier? Dividing your kitchen into zones saves you a lot of walking back and forth. And so you can place everything where you need it. Each kitchen has five kitchen zones – regardless of its size and shape. For right-handed people, the zones of provision, storage, rinsing […]