Everything you need to know about waterproof MDF boards

Interior builders, architects, furniture makers and DIY enthusiasts are all too happy to use MDF boards for various furniture and interior applications. And that isn’t baseless! Read all about moisture-proof MDF below.

MDF board have the great advantage that you can paint, spray or varnish them with solvent or water-based paint without pretreatment. MDF (Medium Density Fibre) boards are easy to process with a saw or milling machine.

The structure of MDF

MDF is not just a wooden board. MDF is made up of small wood fibers that are pressed together. It therefore falls into the category of fibre-board, such as chipboard and hardboard. Of the various variants of fibreboard, MDF uses the smallest wood fibres, so that you do not see them quickly in the board itself. Under high pressure and temperature, they are pressed into a plate, where resin is added to keep the fibers together. The top layers of MDF are therefore quite smooth.

Sawing MDF

Due to the very fine fibers used to produce MDF boards, an MDF board hardly splinters when you start sawing and milling it. Both with a hand saw and with a machine saw you can easily get through it. Also, MDF boards do not bend as sheet materials of natural material (for example, plywood or carpentry panels) do.

Moisture-proof MDF with a green core

The MDF Moisture Repellent variant (also known as MDF V313) has been developed to better withstand moisture. This variant can be recognized by the green core and can be used in humid indoor areas. The boards

are especially resistant to the tropical climate of Suriname and have been treated against termites, especially for the tropics. The green MDF boards are perfect for use in humid rooms, but not suitable for outdoor use.

Furniture and DIY projects

MDF is the perfect material to make cabinet doors with. It is very strong; it is easy to work with and it can be finished in different ways. MDF can be found in cabinets, sofas, beds, tables and other interior use. Moisture-proof MDF is also used to make kitchens and bathroom furniture. Because it is so easy to process, you can also see MDF in many DIY projects, such as speaker enclosures, dollhouses, photo frames and wall racks.

Edge banding

After you have processed your MDF boards, you can flawlessly finish your tables, worktops, shelves or other interior solutions with an edging tape.

We have in stock the green moisture-proof MDF boards in the following dimensions:

  • 305 x 122 x 1.8 cm

And edge band in the dimensions:

  • 22mm x 0.3mm
  • 43mm x 0.3mm

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