Buying a new kitchen? Divide your kitchen into 5 zones!

Want to make your work in the kitchen easier? Dividing your kitchen into zones saves you a lot of walking back and forth. And so you can place everything where you need it.

Each kitchen has five kitchen zones – regardless of its size and shape. For right-handed people, the zones of provision, storage, rinsing & waste, preparation and cooking/baking are arranged in the direction of the clock. Left-Handed; then it’s just the other way around.

1. Zone “provision”

Foodstuffs are stored in the “provision” zone. Preferably, take easy access into account when planning.

2. Zone “storage”

In the “storage” zone there is space for cutlery, crockery and glasses. It is practical if the dishwasher is located nearby.

3. Zone “Rinsing & Waste”

In the center of this “wet zone” are the dishwasher and sink. Ideal if dishwashing brushes and other tools can be stored here.

4. Zone “preparation”

Between the sink and the hob are all the kitchen accessories you need to prepare dishes. In the preparation drawers you always have everything at hand – and directly near the worktop.

5. Zone “cooking/baking”

Preferably plan space for pots, pans and cooking utensils in the immediate vicinity of the hob. If possible, store baking trays and baking accessories near the oven.

If everything is easily accessible, the work will run smoothly. Fully extendable drawers with practical interior layouts create order and overview.

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